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Property Funding

Gold Bridge Capital Solutions has a developed list of resources for Commercial Real Estate and Special Use Property Projects.

Major Commercial

  • Multifamily

  • Mixed-use

  • Office

  • Retail 

  • Industrial

Special Use

  • Agricultural

  • Cannabis

  • Hotel/Motel

  • C-store/Gas Station/ 

  • RV Parks

Start Your Application

gbcs phone application 1.png

All in one GBCS app for you to easily enter your information. 

  • No Credit Check

  • Easily Upload Documents

  • Quick Response

  • Personal Application Portal

Our Standards

G: Grounded with our process expectations. We look to find red flags or issues first and then identity solutions to cross those hurdles. During our first initiation process

B: Bridge the gap of funding and knowledge to our clients lending options. The way we structure our communication, we find that we are able to build a stronger relationship to not only communicate finances, but also future pursuits. 

C: Committed Integrity. Our main mission as a brokerage is to find our client the best solutions for their project. That including the reality of their financial options. 

S: Stability in our way of business. How we provide customer service to how we can nurture your business pursuits to completion. We pride ourselves to be able to achieve high success rates with our entrepreneurs. 

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