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Reflections on how the Pandemic Affected CRE Property Types?

By: Marie Fleming

CEO, Gold Bridge Capital Solutions

Today we want to go over the real question. What does CRE look like today after the results of the Pandemic?

These results are US based off of research for the trending market and statistics. As well as, our own intuitive of where we think the different CRE Properties types are headed.

Well, two years ago the world came to a halt. The Pandemic was officially announced and changed how we worked, how we functioned, and how we invested. Affecting the major CRE businesses of: Restaurants, Fitness Clubs, Hotels, Airlines, Senior Housing, Movie Theaters, Sporting Venues and much more. The Government spent trillions into the American economy. Known as stimulus checks, the Paycheck Protection Program, Loans and Housing Relief to name a few.

What does CRE Property types look like now and will they recover?

CRE hits an interesting cycle where each property type faces its own unique reality and opportunities. Below we summarize and visualize CRE property types and their projected outcome from the Pandemic.


Industrial Properties:

These properties couldn’t care less that the pandemic was happening, as they were hardly affected. Vacancy rates are at an all time low and continue to be.