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Residential properties

Cash Out/ Refinance

  • Cash-Out Business-Purpose Refinance on 3 Different Residential properties 

  • $525,000 Loan Amount

  • 48% LTV on completion value / 30% LTV overall

  • 60-Month Term (Long Term $$)

  • 9.25% I/O 

  • Low Origination fees

  • All loan proceeds were provided as cash-out, mainly collateralized by a property that was Mid-Construction

  • This loan was for a repeat Developer client of ours in the Greater Sacramento area.  He needed money to finish a property that was mid-construction and pay off some business tax liabilities.  We were able to structure business purpose loan proceeds against the property in Mid-construction and take 2nd positions on a rental and his primary residence.  We were able to do this for him WITHOUT going through the headache of having broken priority/mechanics lien coverage with Title Insurance.  Most private money lenders would not even consider this type of loan and structure.

40+ Unit apartment complex

Cash Out

  • Cash-Out Business-Purpose 2nd Lien on Primary Residence and 40+ Unit apartment complex

  • $600,000 Loan Amount

  • 30% LTV / 55% CLTV

  • 12% I/O

  • All Loan proceeds were provided as cash-out to the borrower 

  • Quick close, limited documentation

  • This loan was for a newer relationship that we truly value.  She came to us twice, and after she refused money the first time, we still were able to get her financing when it truly mattered, after we had told the investor to cancel funds.  She initially came to us needing money for deferred maintenance on a 40+ unit apartment complex in Sacramento that she owns, and a family member was supposed to be providing that, for a long past debt.  Well he did not.  And after waiting long enough, she needed to rehab her units.  So, we got to work.  Two weeks later she had the money needed and we were even able to provide her with over $50,000 more than what she requested, with limited documentation.

General Store w/2 outbuildings and Storage

Cash out Refinance

  • Private money Loan

  • $1,250,000 Loan

  • 55% LTV

  • 11% I/O

  • 60 Month Term

  • NO prepayment penalty

  • Quick Close - no appraisal

  • Loan allowed to pay off private money 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and private money loan on another property

  • Turned Down multiple times by multiple lenders before coming to us

Single Tenant Retail w/Gym


  • Portfolio Money

  • $720,000 Loan amount


  • 8.125% rate

  • 5/1 ARM (1st 5 years fixed) 

  • 30 Year Loan Term

  • 3 pts total Origination

  • Step Down Prepay - 5,4,3,2,1

  • Minimal Lender deposit on Term Sheet - $2,000

  • Used appraisal on file 

  • Super quick closing after private money turn down; loan allowed for over $5,000 monthly savings (internal)

  • Unusual Leverage and term for property type

3 Commercial Properties

Cash Out and Refinance Bridge Loan

  • Private Money

  • $1,250,000 Loan amount

  • 60% LTV


  • 12 Month Term

  • 4 pts total Origination

  • NO Prepayment Penalty

  • Loan was very tricky as we had to coordinate closings on 3 different buildings (office and retail) with 4 different entity structures, 2 of which were getting cash-out to pay off a dispute settlement and one purchase, the purchase needing to close first

Owner Occupied SFR Build

Construction Loan

  • Private Money

  • $968,000 Loan Amount


  • 65% LTV (on completion value)

  • 9% I/O 

  • 12 Month Term (with extension possibility)

  • 5 pts Total Origination

  • No Prepayment Penalty

  • Borrower was not bankable but also didn’t want bank money b/c he wanted more flexibility with the construction draws/materials 

  • Client also brought over $40,000 less to the table than had planned

SFR Investment Property (New Constructed)

Cash Out Refinance

  • Portfolio Money – STATED INCOME

  • $440,000 loan amount


  • 6.75% ARM

  • 5/1 ARM (1st 5 years fixed) 

  • 30 Year Loan Term

  • 4 pts total Origination

  • Step Down Prepay – 5,4,3,2,1

  • Client had to go stated income b/c did not show income on paper.  Loan qualified off property rental income.  

  • Loan paid off current hard money loan and put over $60,000 cash in hand to client

18 Develop-able Lots

Cash Out Refinance

  • Private Money

  • $600,000 loan amount

  • 65% LTV

  • 11% I/O

  • 36-month loan term

  • 6 pts Total Origination

  • 6 month guaranteed interest period

  • Used appraisal on file; minimal documentation for local real estate investor

  • Partial release – lender has been flexible as lots have been sold

Truck Stop

Cash Out 

  • Cash Out 1MM

  • French Camp, CA

  • 6.99% 

  • Money in 2 weeks

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