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Meet The Firm


Our Founder and CEO, Marie Fleming has been in the Financial Sector since the 90’s. Since then she has encountered mentors and entrepreneurs focused on building their business revenue through multiple outlets of income. Leading her to then structure her career around developing a company to help other entrepreneurs and business owners to take their investments to the next level.

Resulting in creating a Women Owned Financial Service Lending Firm, Gold Bridge Capital Solutions, in 2019. Our firm provides clients with Competing Financing options for Commercial Real Estate and Investment Pursuits. Gold Bridge Capital Solutions has been known for performing at a high level of professionalism and providing advisory support to make sure our clients achieve their goals.

We are honored to be able to serve our community and treat our clients with the Integrity and Diligence they deserve.


Gold Bridge Capital Solutions,

Sourcing Capital With Integrity

EST. 2019

Highly Rated

Women Owned

Sacramento, CA

Modern Housing Complex



Referral Partnership

We are in the business to create relationships not only with our clients, but, as well as to develop close relationships to our partners.

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